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Prevagen Professional, Jellyfish Fight Aging, Stroke, Alzheimer's

Prevagen Professional™ was developed by Quincy Bioscience exclusively for Medical practitioners. Prevagen Professional™ has been proven in scientific studies at the University of Wisconsin to reduce cell death by up to 50%.

Prevagen represents a novel approach to fight the aging process.* Prevagen Professional™ is the first supplement from jellyfish and the first to address calcium imbalance through the restoration of calcium-binding proteins.*

Prevagen helps keep cells alive longer by protecting the body from an age-related decline in valuable calcium-binding proteins.

Replenish age-fighting proteins and reduce cell death with Prevagen Professional™!

Calcium-Binding Proteins

99% of the body's calcium is contained within bones and the other 1% is in blood and cells. The management of this 1% is critical for cell health. Any dysregulation or mismanagement can result in an unhealthy cell or even lead to cell death.

The healthy human body is able to manage calcium within the cell using calcium-binding proteins.


Calcium-binding proteins fight age by protecting the cell from an unhealthy amount of intracellular calcium. As you grow older, the body loses the ability to make calcium-binding proteins at the rate it did when you were young. This leads to potential cell death.

  • Do your patients complain of memory loss?
  • Are they seeking relief from age-related symptoms?

Proven Results

Research at the University of Wisconsin shows that Prevagen works. Laboratory studies have demonstrated that Prevagen Professional has potent cell protecting activity in human cells. Researchers have demonstrated up to 50% more cells protected when compared with non-Prevagen treated cells.

Health Benefits of Jellyfish

Jellyfish, one of the simplest organisms on Earth, are essentially a floating nervous system. They have no brain, heart or lungs and are made of 95% water.

One thing jellyfish are very good at is managing calcium within their bodies. In addition, jellyfish utilize calcium when stinging their prey and use it in their defense mechanisms.

The Aequorea Victoria jellyfish is found primarily in the Pacific Ocean. This particular jellyfish is loaded with calcium-binding proteins called aequorin. Aequorin is very similar to the age-fighting proteins humans lose as we age.

Can humans manage our cellular health using these proteins from jellyfish? Can we replenish the age-fighting proteins we lose as we age with those from a jellyfish? Is there a supplement that can assist in the fight against aging?

Yes! Jellyfish for Your Health

Prevagen Professional™ is a patent-pending dietary supplement designed to fight aging. It is also known as aequorin. Prevagen Professional is the only dietary supplement to use the age-fighting proteins contained within jellyfish. Prevagen Professional replenishes the calcium-binding proteins lost in the aging process. Prevagen Professional has science and research behind it. Quincy Bioscience laboratories are located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and in the University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin.

Alternative Prevagen spelling: prevegen, prevagen, previgin, prevegin, previgen, pravagin, professional, profesional, aequoren, aquorin