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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge; 1 cartridge; Rejuvenation Science

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Rejuvenation Science

  • 1 Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge plus teflon tape

The shower water filter cartridge is an inexpensive six-month filter cartridge.  It fits the Rejuvenation Science® Shower Filter and was designed to utilize Chlorgon's® advanced filtration capabilities for removing both free and combined chlorine.

Shower Water Filter Features:

  • Inexpensive shower water filter replacement cartridge
  • Low Profile Design
  • Self Sealing Threads
  • Cartridge Life: Six Months for average usage with average chlorination, and average sedimentation in the water
  • Exclusive Filtration Media: Chlorgon® & KDF
  • Easy Installation
  • Comes with teflon tape for convience
  • Warranty: One Year Limited

Does NOT include showerhead or filter housing. Reuse your current shower head and filter housing.

Additional $4 per filter may be added for shipments outside the U.S., and to Hawaii & Alaska.


Filter Media:  CHLORGON®- the first (and only) filtration media designed specifically for the shower. A non-carbon based filtration media, capable of removing both free and combined chlorines, as well as, dirt sediment and odors from the shower.
Dimensions:  Length - 1.5" x Diameter - 3.5" (9 cm)
Weight:   14 oz. (392 gr.)
Showerhead extension:  1.5 inches
Color:  white
Cartridge lifetime:  Recommended replaced every 6 months or as needed


  1. Install on standard ½ - inch threaded shower arm.
    Unscrew existing showerhead from shower arm.  Set showerhead aside.

  2. Wrap at least three layers of Teflon® tape around the threads of the shower arm.  Teflon® tape is included.

  3. Attach the shower filter to the shower arm by hand (do NOT over-tighten). Generally it takes about three turns to secure the filter.

  4. Now that the shower filter is installed, wrap about three layers of Teflon® tape around the threads of the shower filter.

  5. Reinstall your showerhead or install a new showerhead and hand tighten.

  6. Turn on the shower and flush the cartridge for about 5 minutes and now you are ready to enjoy a shower with less chlorine.


Q: If I have low water pressure, will there be any problems? 
A: If your water pressure is very low, the shower water filter may reduce your shower to a trickle.  If you have very low water pressure, the shower water filter probably won’t work.

Q: How long can I expect the shower water filters to last? 
A: These compact filters are rated to last for 6 months before it becomes necessary to replace the cartridge.  If you have many people using the shower, if your water supply is heavily chlorinated, or if your water has a lot of sediment, you will need to replace the shower water filter cartridges more often.  Likewise, if you drive your car 10,000 miles per year and your neighbor drives their car 30,000 miles per year, who will likely need to fill the gas tank sooner?  What if your neighbor has a Yugo?  (Hint: they’d never make it 30,000 miles.)

Q: What has been the feedback from your customers on these shower water filters? 
A: They either love them or hate them.  Some customers prove their strength using tools to over tighten the filters.  The filters are made out of plastic and will break if over tightened.  Be gentle and you will be satisfied with the installation.  It may be necessary to use pliers to remove an old showerhead.  But hand tightening should be sufficient to install a clean new device.  If it doesn’t leak, it’s tight enough.  Other customers had low water pressure and were dissatisfied with the flow.  Tall customers are annoyed that the height of the showerhead is lowered by 1½ inches.  To them we sing, “short people are . . .”  The remainder of customers are generally thrilled and thank us for making their and their loved ones lives better.  

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