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Adrenal Support; 710 mg; 120 tablets; Rejuvenation Science

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Rejuvenation Science

  • Botanical Adaptogen*

The adrenal glands produce hormones that support the body's mechanisms for coping with physical and mental stress. Anxiety, worry, nervous tension and other factors associated with excessive cortisol release are linked to adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. Over-reliance on caffeine and other stimulants also stresses the adrenals.

Rejuvenation Science Adrenal Support combines important botanicals that support adrenal health, as well as help in the recovery of stressed adrenal glands. Adrenal Support is a classic Chinese adaptogen formula prepared from superior herbs. It is especially suited for those depleted due to overwork, excessive stress and inadequate rest.*


Lifestyle Recommendation: Avoid excessive stress, eat regularly scheduled meals, and get plenty of rest.

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