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MMM Protocol

Supplements Formulated to Support MMM Theory

Directly Support the Microbial Mucosal Milieu
12-hour Colostrum        Diversity Probiotics I            Oral Probiotics
Probiotics & FOS 25B & 50B          Whey Protein

Support Microcontaminant Clearance
Detox Glutathione          Detox Probiotics               Flush! Colon Cleanse
Herbal Siesta               Maximum Vitality multi        Micro-Contaminant Detox Therapy

Mitochondrial Support
Cellular Optimizer          NAD+ Boost!                   Neural Energy
Ubiquinol 100mg & 200mg

Tissue Rebuilding Support
Biom3ga Krill Oil           Maximum Vitality Multi       Whey Protein

Stress Reduction
Adrenal Support            Cortisol Support                Equilibrium! CBD Hemp Tincture 
Herbal Siesta               L-Theanine                     Melatonin SR

Connective Tissue Support
Cartilage Support II        CM Joint Optimizer             Hyaluronic Acid

Remove Precipitating Factors (Environmental Contaminants)*
Diet                        EMF Reduction                  Exercise           Far Infrared Sauna
HEPA Air Filter (standalone or in HVAC System)             Household Cleaners            
Minor Mold Treatment     Probiotic Soap / Body Wash
Produce Wash              Reverse Osmosis (RO) Kitchen Filter                       
Shower Filter               Whole House Water Filter       
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