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MMM Theory: A New Paradigm in Medicine: The Inflammation Treatment Book: Revealing the Root Cause of Disease, Its Prevention & Treatment

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Imagine if your hot and cold water, your sewage, electricity, heating, and cooling were all running through the same pipe in your house. What an immensely sophisticated adaptive system it would take to manage these flows simultaneously through the same pipe. I’m thinking of these as an analogy for your vascular, lymph, and gastrointestinal systems when I ask you to imagine beyond current medical dogma.  

MMM Theory posits how your microbial mucosal milieu (MMM) manages all these flows. Your gut simultaneously carries nutrients and waste from your mouth to your anus. Your colon is known for its accumulation of waste which is expelled daily. Yet, this is the area of the intestines where nutrients such as vitamins are absorbed into the body. This leads to the question of what is sanitary – when you are obtaining nutrients from your fermenting waste? 

Similarly, your lymph system simultaneously carries both nutrients (especially in your glymphatic system to your nervous system and brain) and waste throughout your body. If these membranes are semipermeable and adaptive, how do they recognize which molecules need to go in which direction?

Why is your MMM important? 
  1. It intelligently manages the movement of nutrients and waste in, out, and through your circulation pathways – gut, bloodstream, and lymphatic system. 
  2. It protects your system from environmental contaminants. 
  3. It protects your tissue from damage. For example, what kind of tissue can withstand hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes, which exist in the stomach to digest protein? Protein is what the epithelial surface lining the stomach is made of.

What causes inflammation and auto-immune disease?
  • These are caused by your body’s natural protective mechanisms which react to contaminants that gain access into your body. A microcontaminant molecule is too small to be seen with current medical tools, but these microcontaminants trigger an immune response. That natural immune response is visible to your doctor and is diagnosed as symptoms of diseases, whereas it is actually the body’s natural protective reaction to microcontaminant poisoning. Your doctor and prescription drugs then try to treat these symptoms of microcontaminant poisoning, without necessarily understanding the cause of the symptoms. 
  • Microcontaminants are allowed to enter the body by a weakness in your MMM which protects you from the external environment and protects your insides from circulating contaminants. The microbiome (mostly beneficial bacteria) can be damaged by many of the same microcontaminants which may present as herbicides, pesticides, alcohol, disinfectants, antibacterials, BPA, organophosphates, hydrocarbon compounds, and many other man-made chemicals. 
MMM Theory teaches you to understand the root cause of “diseases,” which are often environmental poisoning, and how to prevent, diagnose, and treat the cause, rather than treating disease symptoms. 

MMM Theory is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJHB9HKG and on Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJHHBTZB. It is also available as a free read it you subscribe to a free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited.