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Quality at Rejuvenation Science®

At Rejuvenation Science® there are many factors which contribute to the quality of our products. We build quality into every decision we make.  We believe it all begins with the quality of the formulation and the integrity of interpretation of the science.  
Formulation Quality

We believe that efficacious doses of ingredients need to be combined in a sophisticated manner to provide a supplement that will truly benefit a person’s health. 

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements evaluates the quality of multivitamin formulation based on 18 criteria developed from the recommendations of 12 well-known nutritional experts.  Lyle McWilliam has been publishing this guide for about 20 years, updating its “blended standard” every 4-5 years as new studies present us with better information.  Rejuvenation Science® Maximum Vitality® multivitamin has achieved a top 5-Star rating, ranking it in the top 1% of multivitamins in North America since it was introduced in 2004.  Rejuvenation Science is the only practitioner brand to achieve a top 5-Star rating in the 2017 6th edition of the guide, which has a new focus on nutrients for longevity, cell signaling, and transcription factors.  

Some companies pride themselves on having 100% of the RDA because this is the amount of a dietary ingredient that will keep a person from dying from a deficiency of that vitamin or mineral.  Other companies use a fairy dust amount of an ingredient so they can claim that ingredient on the label or in advertising.  And they spend a lot of money on advertising.  Published studies do not support trace amounts (measured in micrograms) of most ingredients.  Rejuvenation Science uses efficacious doses of ingredients in our multivitamin for effective prophylactic treatment and enough in targeted supplements to actually address a condition. 

Component Quality

Rejuvenation Science uses brand name components and standardized herbal extracts whenever possible.  This ensures that when the doctor is making a recommendation based upon a study they have read, they can be sure that the component is exactly what was used in the study, rather than a cheap imitation. 

Manufacturing Quality

The labs that produce supplements for Rejuvenation Science are all certified to be GMP compliant by independent certification organizations such as NSF International, Natural Products Association (NPA), and Quality Assurance International (for organic certification).  These thousands of pages of FDA regulations and guidelines are summarized in the transcript of a 3-hour presentation hosted by the FDA at https://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/CGMP/ucm173996.htm.  Here's a link to an FDA presentation for the industry titled: Production and Process Controls: Overview of cGMP Regulations and Regulatory Expectations.  Enjoy!

Some of our labs are certified by more than one standards organization.  Some have gone beyond these strenuous requirements to also be Certified for Sports. 

Testing in the manufacturer’s certified lab and independent testing are important steps to validate the GMP certified production process. 

  • Incoming raw material testing validates the documentation provided by the raw material suppliers on the Certificates of Analysis that accompany each raw material component used to blend our products. 
  • In-process testing ensures that blending is complete, temperature and humidity are maintained for proper filling and compaction, equipment is performing properly, and sanitary conditions are maintained. 
  • Finished product testing confirms active ingredient identity, potency, and ensures contaminant levels (microbial, trace heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other environmental contaminants), rancidity, and more, are non-existent or meet maximum tolerances for natural products.  Stability testing is used to establish the recommended shelf life of the product. 

Manufacturer Quality

Some manufacturers are expert with a particular raw material (ubiquinol, fish oils, etc.), some are experts producing softgels, some can produce tablets that disintegrate in 20 minutes in room temperature tap water.  Because we are not limited to the capabilities of in-house production, we can choose manufacturers that are expert and provide the best value for our products. 

Scientific Integrity

Several years ago there was a product called Irvingia that was introduced in the U.S. by a large and well-respected supplement company as a weight loss magic bullet.  It had a couple of good studies supporting its effectiveness.  What was neglected in the promotional literature was the detail that the studies were carried out on indigenous people in Africa that consumed a diet that was mostly grains and other starches.  The product had little effect on people consuming a Western diet. 

By reading the original studies and asking probing questions, we seek to bring the most promising products to you.  We will disclose conflicting opinions of efficacy and limitations whenever we discover these unanswered questions, as well as highlight our bias in material that we present to you. 

The Competition

Some companies pride themselves on one of these characteristics.  For example the pharmaceutical companies that make Centrum® and One-A-Day® brand vitamins have the purest pharmaceutical grade product because their products are synthetic and thus have no contaminants such as cofactors from whole foods.  And since polyethylene glycol, dyes and coloring agents are considered standard pharmaceutical excepients, the product will meet top pharmaceutical standards such as used by USP and Consumer Labs.