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Calcium is required for healthy bones, teeth, muscle, nerve function, and for blood clotting. Muscle pains, cramps, twitches convulsions, and even cancer may suggest calcium deficiency.1 Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. 99% of the calcium in the body is found in the bones and teeth. The other 1% of calcium may be the most important. Calcium helps regulate cellular metabolism throughout the body, so it is necessary for all body functions.2

The companion mineral - magnesium - is a fundamental requirement for optimum function of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and skeletal muscle, as well as the uterus and GI tract. Magnesium helps regulate metabolic energy production and a deficiency can affect health of the heart, bones and blood vessels and alter blood sugar balance.3

Both Calcium and Magnesium will displace the other when one is lacking. Thus a balanced intake is necessary. A standard ratio is either 1:1 or 2:1 calcium:magnesium.

The typical U.S. diet is deficient in both calcium and magnesium. Low calcium is due to food choices which include less milk products. Magnesium deficiency is due to food processing which removes magnesium. In addition, bottled water is mineral deficient. Most purification processes take out the healthy minerals as they remove the contaminants. Thus anyone who drinks bottled water should take mineral supplements.

Adequate Calcium intake may be of benefit in the treatment of allergy complaints, for depression, insomnia, panic attacks, arthritis, hypoglycemia, muscle and joint pains.

Skeletal Calcium™

  • Comprehensive bone, cardiovascular, and nervous system mineral support*
  • With Vitamin D and K for calcium absorption and utilization
  • Wheat/gluten free version contains no vitamin K
  • With vitamin C, B6, folate, zinc copper, manganese, soy isoflavones, lysine, silica and boron for enhanced utilization.
  • Calcium bound 6 different ways for better absorption: citrate, malate, carbonate, ascorbate, fumarate & ethanolamine phosphate.
  • Magnesium bound 5 different ways for better absorption: oxide, citrate, malate, fumarate & ascorbate.
  • Companion mineral formula for Rejuvenation Science® Maximum Vitality® multivitamin

Most people think the key to healthy bones is a large intake of calcium, but the picture is far more complex. Skeletal Calcium influences multiple body systems involved with skeletal formation and maintenance, including bone synthesis, hormonal regulation, and calcium absorption and balance.

Skeletal Calcium™ is used for

Bone Synthesis: Mineral Building Blocks

Bone is living tissue and requires a continuous supply of nutrients for the rebuilding process. Most bone mineral mass is composed of calcium, However, other trace minerals are necessary for proper bone growth and the deposition of calcium in bone.

Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Silica, Zinc

Bone Synthesis: Organic Matrix

The organic matrix of bone is a specialized form of dense connective tissue, composed of collagen, non-collagen proteins and proteoglycans. Connective tissue is responsible for stabilizing the bones.

Copper, Manganese, Silica, Zinc, Vitamins B-6 & C, Folic Acid

Hormonal Regulation

Estrogen levels have a dramatic impact on bone mass. The soy isoflavones -- genistein and daidzein, and the mineral -- boron, support estrogenic activity.

Soy Isoflavones (Genistein & Daidzein), Boron, Magnesium, Vitamin D-3

Calcium Absorption

Certain forms of calcium are more easily absorbed and are utilized more effectively in bone mineralization. Some nutrients enhance the absorption of calcium.

L-Lysine (HCl), Calcium Citrate, Calcium Malate, Magnesium, Vitamin D-3

Calcium Balance

An optimal balance between calcium absorption and calcium loss is essential for bone health. Lifestyle factors such as excess caffeine consumption and a high-animal protein diet lead to urinary excretion of calcium. The mineral boron helps prevent calcium loss in the urine.

Magnesium Balance

Adequate magnesium is a fundamental requirement for optimum function of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and skeletal muscle, as well as the uterus and GI tract. Magnesium deficiency can affect health of the heart, bones and blood vessels and alter blood sugar balance.3

Magnesium is a key contributor to healthy metabolic function. All of the protocols for healthy cardiovascular function described by Stephen Sinatra, M.D. in his book The Sinatra Solution: New Hope for Preventing and Treating Heart Disease include magnesium.

Skeletal Calcium™ Formula

Rejuvenation Science® Skeletal Calcium™ formula supports bone metabolism including skeletal formation and maintenance, bone synthesis, calcium absorption and balance, as well as systems requiring magnesium. These include the cardiovascular, nervous and muscle systems, including blood vessels and blood sugar balance. This scientifically advanced calcium formula provides optimal forms of calcium and key co-nutrients.* Most of the minerals are bound to organic compounds of the Krebs cycle (cellular energy production system), allowing for optimal absorption and utilization.*

Skeletal Calcium contains a 1:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium, along with other bone minerals – copper, manganese and zinc – and soy isoflavones and Vitamin D-3 to provide support for bones.* Skeletal Calcium is the companion mineral formula for Maximum Vitality® multivitamin.

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