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Avemar® - Immune System Support

Introducing AvéULTRA, the dietary supplement with Avemar®, a uniquely beneficial natural compound that has been the subject of more than 28 peer-reviewed publications describing in vitro, in vivo and human clinical trials. Avemar supports the foundations of good health by enhancing the body's ability to modulate immune response and to regulate cell metabolism.*

Avemar's development was initiated by Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, recipient of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of vitamin C. He theorized that supplemental quantities of the naturally occurring compound, Methoxy-Substituted Benzoquinones (DMBQ), would help regulate the processes of cellular metabolism and support mechanisms of immune system regulation.

Avemar is made from wheat germ fermented by baker’s yeast through a patented process (US patent# 6,355,474), standardized for DMBQ. Studies conducted in the US, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Austria and Russia with Avemar prove Dr. Szent-Györgyi theories correct, with such dramatic results, its hard to believe its all-natural.

Glucose Metabolism

  • Avemar helps maintain cell metabolic regulation so that cells use glucose at their normal rate through healthy oxidative pathways*

AvéULTRA Promotes Immune System Regulation

  • Enhance the ability of T-cells to respond to antigen presentation, and B-cells to respond to activation and produce appropriate antibodies
  • Normalize balance of cellular and humoral (Th1/Th2) immune function
  • Enhance Macrophage functioning

AvéULTRA Enhances NK Cell Targeting

  • Avemar helps the immune system identify invaders for attack. Immune system enemy invaders try to hide from the immune system’s Natural Killer (NK) cells by displaying a surface molecule called MHC-1.
  • MHC-1 tells NK cells, “don’t attack me, I’m one of the good guys,…but, research shows Avemar suppresses the invading cell’s “mask” (MHC-1) resulting in increased NK cell targeting and immune system clearing.

White Blood Cell Function

  • Avemar Improves the coordinated function of white blood cells (macrophages, T-cells and B-cells), required for appropriate antibody production and other immune system activity.*


Improving on the original, patented, fermented wheat germ processing method, we have now created a more concentrated and better tasting version of this dietary supplement - and it is made exclusively here in the U.S. under the name AvéULTRA.

By eliminating maltodextrin stabilizer, and replacing fructose sweetener with natural, "0" calorie Stevia, AvéULTRA maintains the same quantity of Avemar fermented wheat germ actives, which have been the subject of over 100 studies in cell lines, animals and humans, reported in over 30 articles in medical peer-reviewed journals.

Allergen Statement

Ave contains wheat ingredients. Although the process of making the product removes all gluten, the principle allergen in wheat, the product comes in contact with gluten containing wheat, and the possibility of contamination exists.

Side Effects

Avé is well tolerated by most people. No serious side effects have been reported in extensive human testing. Occasional burping, bloating, soft stools, or diarrhea may occur when first starting with Avé, but these symptoms usually improve with continued use. If diarrhea occurs, try dividing the daily usage amount into two halves, and taking separately, one morning, one late afternoon.


People often report improvements in appetite, energy and daily activity within 3 weeks of beginning to take AvéULTRA daily. Objective measures of improvement typically occur within 3 months.

For long-term results, one should use Avé for at least 6 months. People in fragile states of health need more help staying healthy that those in more robust good health. Clinical trials involving hundreds of participants taking Avé daily over a period of several years have proven it safe and beneficial for long-term use. Since Avé supports the basic mechanisms which the body utilizes to respond to stress and the daily challenges to health, it may make sense to use it continuously.

Determining how long to use Avé comes down to a personal judgment of when one is "healthy enough." Consulting with a physician may help in evaluating the factors that determine whether to continue or to stop using this dietary supplement. People using Avé can stop at any time without experiencing side effects or a withdrawal. Avé is non-addictive and non-habit forming.

Avé and other Supplements

There are many dietary supplements and special diets that may benefit people who may wish to use Avé.  None of them will interfere with Avé and Avé will not interfere with them, as long as other supplements are consumed two hours before, or two hours after taking Avé.  Consult with a health care professional that specializes in natural and nutritional medicine for a comprehensive protocol of diet, exercise and dietary supplements.

Avé and Prescription Medications

The primary ingredient in Avé, Avemar, has been subjected to hundreds of studies resulting in more than 20 peer-reviewed publications, including studies that look at potential drug interactions.  An answer as to whether Avé will interact with a specific drug is best obtained by consulting with a pharmacist or physician.  Pharmacists and doctors can find research that can answer most questions on interactions at the Avemar research website.  For specific questions, doctors and pharmacists may call American BioSciences at 888-884-7770.

Special Shipping Information

Avemar is sensitive to heat and should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 80 degrees F. Thus it is shipped in an insulated pack via 2-day delivery. We ship Avé on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only, so it will not sit in a hot truck or shipping facility over the weekend. Please choose the "U.S. Avemar" shipping option and please specify a shipping address where someone will be available to receive it. Please note that the cold packs will have given their life to protect your shipment (i.e.: they may be room-temperature by the time you receive your package). When your order is shipped, we will email you the expected delivery date and tracking information.

We are currently not shipping Avemar out of the U.S. because shippers cannot guarantee 2-day international shipping (including clearance through customs).

Warning: If you choose to order from someone else, please be sure when ordering that your order will be specially packed and shipped so that it is never subject to temperatures greater than 80 degrees F. Otherwise, you may end up with very expensive powder.

Storage Instructions

Avé can be stored at room temperature, but it should not be stored at temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Each packet is sealed, so humidity should not be a problem.

Alternative Avemar spelling: Ovemar, Avemor, Avomar, Ave-Mar, Avimar