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Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements; 2017 6th Edition; Lyle MacWilliam

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New Dimension Publishing

  • 2017 6th Edition

The definitive reference on the science of supplementation.

Find out which top 0.5% of products earned the Nutrisearch five-star quality rating. Hint: Rejuvenation Science Maximum Vitality was the only multivitamin among practitioner brands to receive a 5-Star rating. It was the only practitioner brand multivitamin awarded a Medal of Achievement for manufacturing quality. 

The NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™ for the Americas, 6th edition, is far more than an update: the guide has been completely rewritten in light of recent groundbreaking discoveries from the world of nutritional research. A huge change in our scientific understanding of how dietary antioxidants ‘really’ work required a huge change in the guide; with the release of our latest edition, this is just what NutriSearch provides.

Very recent scientific evidence has now established that most dietary antioxidants do not work the way we thought they did. Rather than confront aggressive and powerful free radicals in direct hand-to-hand combat, biologically relevant antioxidants activate the cell’s own HEAVY GUNS—its endogenous antioxidant defences, honed over two billion years of evolution.

This emergent scientific understanding in cellular antioxidant defence is a real game-changer. It presents a quantum perceptual leap—a paradigm shift—for an industry where very few players are even aware that the game itself has been transformed.

  • Learn how the immutable laws of quantum chemistry and reaction kinetics rule against direct free radical scavenging by common antioxidants. 
  • Read how science has, for decades, inadvertently focused on the wrong antioxidants. 
  • Examine how plant-based antioxidants can paradoxically change into oxidants, capable of tapping evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of cell signalling to trigger key genetic switches. 
  • Find out how nuclear transcription factor Nrf2, a key ON/OFF switch that controls expression of over 500 genes, can influence oxidative stress, inflammation, disease resistance, and progression of the aging process itself. 
  • Discover how the practice of calorie restriction, regular exercise, and the consumption of select plant-based nutrients may improve both our healthspan and our lifespan.

With exhaustive market research on over 1,600 nutritional supplements in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia, find out how our completely revised analytical criteria now incorporating the exciting science of cell signalling rate your favourite nutritional products.

The author employs the recommendations of twelve recognized authorities in nutritional supplementation as well as an extensive literature review to establish an optimal standard for nutritional supplementation. 

Sixteen Health Support Criteria are established, to which over 1,600 North American multivitamins are compared and assigned a rating on a five-point scale. The top five products are graphically portrayed, illustrating their level of achievement of each of the 16 Health Support Criteria. 

An invaluable guide through the often confusing landscape of nutritional supplementation!

For those interested in optimizing their health and warding off the aging process, this guide is a must!

Author, educator and biochemist, Lyle MacWilliam consults and advocates for the nutritional supplement industry. He speaks to audiences worldwide about nutrition and lifestyle. His research skills have been employed by several nutritional supplement manufacturers as well as Health Canada, Environment Canada, and the British Columbia Science Council. Mr. MacWilliam is a former Member of the Legislature for British Columbia and Member of the Canadian House of Commons. He is an accomplished martial artist, passionately involved in fitness and health, and eager to educate the global population about improving lifestyle.

Northern Dimension Publishing
6th Edition, Copyright 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1987961-01-0

159 pages, softback

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