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MMM Theory: A New Paradigm in Medicine; 257 pages

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Microbial Mucosal Milieu (MMM) Theory presents a new paradigm in human physiology and medicine. MMM theory posits that diseases categorized as “auto-immune” and diseases where inflammation is a symptom are not diseases at all. We suggest that all these “diseases” reflect a breach in the protective barriers in the body which allow environmental microcontaminants to enter and circulate in the human body. The body then launches an attack against these foreign molecules, which are invisible to humans using current technology. Current medical paradigm diagnoses the body’s inflammatory response as a symptom of disease rather than the body’s natural protective response to microcontaminants. 

In this book you will learn what the microbial mucosal milieu is, how it affects you, how to prevent symptoms, and stay healthy, and a new understanding of how to help treat diseases. 

MMM Theory is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJHB9HKG and on Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJHHBTZB. It is also available as a free read it you subscribe to a free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited. 
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Review by '' March 08, 2023

Having struggled with autoimmune issues most of my life, I was so excited to read the MMM Theory. Often an autoimmune diagnosis is a continual battle of mysterious symptoms and more questions than answers, which leads the person to look beyond conventional western medicine and try to find the true root cause to their illness.
Reading MMM Theory has been eye-opening in helping me to better understand what is at the root of autoimmunity. The idea that each organ and tissue cross-pollinate their respective MMM, interacting with other MMM communities in the body shows just how interconnected and amazing the body is. It shifted the perception that autoimmune illness is not a lifelong death sentence to be constantly sick, but instead a condition serves to call balance to the body and biomes within the body to create homeostasis once again.
I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to further understand the intricate design of the body and how to increase health, energy and function and particularly to anyone who has struggled with autoimmune or other complicated illness!

5.0 5
Review by '' March 17, 2023

I just read your book MMM Theory/A New Paradigm in Medicine/ The Couse of So Many Diseases, Their Prevention, and Treatment.
First I want to say thank you for providing me with a copy. It is cutting edge information that will change the basic paradigms of medicine with respect to the newly discovered biomes.
I want to say a special thank you for the fact that you are on the cutting edge of different biomes in the body and detox biomes. I strongly encourage you to get a copy to other doctors. This book is going to change medicine forever!
Thank you for the honor of sharing your pivotal work with me.

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