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Probiotic & FOS; 10 strains-25B CFU; 50 Veg caps; The Practice

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  • 10 Acid-Resistant Strains*
  • 25 Billion CFU at Time of Use^
  • cGMP Quality Assured

High Potency Probiotic & FOS is a combination of 10 species of beneficial bacteria. Regular intake of probiotics supports gastrointestinal health and immune system function.* FOS assists in healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms.*

Selected to be resistant to gastric acid, these strains were developed to safely pass the stomach and deliver healthy organisms to the intestines.*

Probiotic strains in this product have been identity-verified using DNA-fingerprinting technology.

Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Nut, and Soy Free. 

Produced in a certified GMP facility, Vegan, Halal, Kosher, Keto Friendly, non-GMO, UL Certified

^This product is formulated to deliver a potency of 25 billion CFU through the Best By date when stored as directed. Refrigeration recommended after bottle is opened.  Keep refrigerated to get the best value (ie: more than the label listed minimum potency.)

Shipping: The hearty strains, packaging and more than adequate overage in potency ensures that the potency will be maintained through normal 4-5 day shipping, even if exposed to heat while in transit, when refrigerated upon arrival.  

CFU = Colony Forming Units, a measure of the number of live organisms.

Distributed by Pinnacle Franchising, LLC. 2920 F St., Suite D7, Bakersfield, CA 93301 ● 877-976-2592

* These statements have not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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