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CBD Case Study 1

As reported to us: Patient's foot was scheduled to be amputated. The nursing facility had tried all kinds of antibiotics, wound vac and other wound care treatments from May 2019 through July 2019 with no success. 

With no standard therapies working, the wound care nurse asked the doctor if she could try topical CBD tincture on his wound. The doctor agreed.  Rejuvenation Science CBD Hemp Tincture was administered topically.  Dose of 1-2 drops daily just to cover wound. In a few days the foot had significant improvement. The doctor canceled amputation surgery and allowed the CBD treatment to continue.  Within 3 months patient's wounds were healed!

This was a non-healing diabetic foot ulcer that was 4-5 cm in diameter. Healing began at a rapid pace with use of CBD Hemp Tincture. It healed in 3 months. This person is a poorly controlled diabetic and diabetic wounds are difficult to heal with blood sugars being above 170. 
On the chart and table, 8/1/19 is the day topical CBD treatment began. Column titles are: Date, Week in Treatment, Length, Width, Depth, Height Decline, Width Decline.