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The CM Joint Optimizer™ Protocol

What is it, and How to Get the Best Results?

Cetyl Myristoleate is the main component of the Rejuvenation Science 2-product protocol named CM Plus Protocol. Cetyl Myristoleate is an ester of myristoleic acid, a medium-chain fatty acid. It is a relatively new substance which, though occurring naturally in certain mammals may also be made by combining Myristoleic acid with Cetyl Alcohol. CM Plus contains more than just Cetyl Myristoleate alone.

How does Rejuvenation Science CM Joint Optimizer™ compare with other Cetyl Myristoleate products?

There are two main sources for the Myristoleic acid used to make Cetyl Myristoleate, One is an animal source (bovine), and the other is a vegetable oil. CM Joint Optimizer is made from the vegetable source Myristoleic acid, and is a unique synergistic blend of over 100 fatty acid esters, which together form an unbeatable combination that is far more effective than Cetyl Myristoleate alone.

One of the top research tabs in the country, Alpha Labs, of Petaluma, CA, has developed a scientific standard assay for CM Joint Optimizer material. This standard takes into account not only Cetyl Myristoleate, but various key fatty acid esters, including Cetyl Oleate, Cetyl Myristate, and Cetyl Palmitoleate, all of which have some beneficial activity.

Rejuvenation Science CM Joint Optimizer contains the full spectrum of beneficial esters, and the results obtained with the product will be similar to those of the clinical study on this material, if taken as directed. Using other brands of Cetyl Myristoleate will yield varying results.

A one month supply of 90 grams (180 - 500 mg. Capsules) of CM Joint Optimizer contains 10.8 grams of Cetyl Myristoleate (12% of 90 grams), with additional activity from 22 grams of Cetyl Oleate, and 12 grams of Cetyl Myristate.

As further proof of efficacy, only CM Joint Optimizer has been subjected to a large double-blind placebo-controlled study of 431 patients with excellent results ranging from 63.3% to 87.3% effectiveness. Most of the participants in this study obtained significant improvement with only a single month dose of the protocol!

Our clinical experience indicates that many patients continue the protocol beyond the first month for continued improvement or to “lock in” the benefits for a longer period of time. Many patients find that they need to repeat the therapy after a period of a few years.

How to Get the Best results Using the Rejuvenation Science CM Joint Optimizer™ Protocol

CM Joint Optimizer Cetyl Myristoleate is a fast-acting, long-lasting natural compound, which usually gives excellent results in 2 to 6 weeks. Only one bottle (a four week course of 90 grams total fatty acid esters) will often provide great relief. Some individuals will need to take a second or third course following the first course. Others will experience little or no results after one course, until about 6 weeks have passed, after which they will notice dramatic relief.

The 431 patients who participated in the clinical trial of the CM Joint Optimizer Protocol obtained tremendously successful results. However, these individuals were instructed to abstain from ingesting certain substances, as listed in Section 2 below.

1. Using 1200 mg a day of additional Glucosamine (as Hydrochloride or Sulfate), combined with Sea Cucumber as a source of Chondroitin, and a form of hydrolyzed cartilage, will result in superior results over time, as these nutrients will help to rebuild the damaged cartilage which often accompanies joint dysfunctions. Most individuals should remain on this regimen for 6-12 months for optimum results. These additional nutrients are available in the Rejuvenation Science Advanced Cartilage Support Formula.

Patients in a large multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled study who used the above cartilage support nutrients and the CM Joint Optimizer Topical Lotion had a 38% better response (87.3%) than using the CM Joint Optimizer Cetyl Myristoleate product alone (63.3%). It has since been learned that the topical application given to 15 psoriatic patients had little or no effect on the outcome, so it is no longer offered.

2. While taking the Protocol, patients must refrain from caffeine (in coffee, tea, and chocolate), alcohol; and smoking. Mixed results will be obtained if these substances are taken, as they affect synthesis of the cetyl myristoleate in the liver.

3. Individuals with poor or weak digestion, gallbladder problems, or older individuals who simply lack production of sufficient digestive enzymes or stomach acid may have difficulty breaking down the oil in the Cetyl Myristoleate, which may result in digestive discomfort, belching, or gas. Taking sufficient quantities of lipase and other digestive enzymes will significantly improve assimilation. Lecithin will also aid in emulsifying the fat content of Cetyl Myristoleate. Cetyl Myristoleate may be taken with or between meals. Those with digestive difficulties should take it with their meals.

4. Individuals with poor or impaired liver function will have mixed results until they detoxify their liver. This may be accomplished through various means including use of detoxifying herbs or a liver flush. It is best to consult an experienced health practitioner for advice.

5. Individuals who are on methotrexate therapy will experience lesser or no benefits from the Protocol, unless they are able to cease taking the substance for a period of time, under the supervision of their practitioner.

6. Concurrent use of Cortisone or Prednisone with the Protocol may also reduce benefits. These substances act to temporarily reduce beneficial cell-mediated immunity, and have many deleterious effects on the body, if used for significant periods of time.

7. Dosage: A one month supply of Rejuvenation Science CM Joint Optimizer Cetyl Myristoleate is optimized for a 160 pound individual with an average amount of painful areas. Those who weigh over 160 pounds or who have numerous painful areas may need larger doses for optimal benefits. Those individuals may take an additional 1-3 capsules daily, and may continue the protocol for an additional 1-3 months.

It is recommended that a person continue taking the Advanced Cartilage Formula for an additional period of up to a year to effect rebuilding of the cartilage.