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Cetyl Myristoleate CMO - Contraindications

CMO - When it doesn't work

As Reported by William Campbell Douglass, M.D. in Second Opinion, May 1996

Referring to a report published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, author Harry W. Diehl (date unknown):

"The study involved 48 subjects of both sexes ranging in age from 29 to 82. The drug (CMO) was given orally with capsules being taken morning and night. Only two subjects failed to show marked improvement or complete relief of all symptoms. The two patients who did not respond were both found to have severe liver disease. It is thought that liver damage from prolonged cortisone treatment for arthritis may block the healing effect of CMO. Most patients had a 70 to 100 percent return of joint mobility and a 70 to 100 percent reduction in pain. The initial response time is two to seven days and maximum response time is from seven to 21 days."

Clinical experience indicates that CMO fails more often when the patient has such severe damage to their joints that a replacement procedure is recommended.

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Key concepts: CMO, contraindications, liver disease