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Lisa Machenberg
The Hypno Mom

A message to my patients:

Dear Friends,

Today, I am not only concerned about treating your immediate health problems, but I am concerned about providing for your long-term health and well-being.

I have joined with Rejuvenation Science® because they have formulated the best nutritional supplements for medical practitioners. With their Maximum Vitality® multivitamin rated the top professional multivitamin in a massive study of 1,600 multivitamins in North America, and the most reasonable and compelling research on other nutritional supplements, Rejuvenation Science presents a simple, quality, anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine program for maintaining and enhancing your health.

Together we can provide you with the absolute best quality supplements, summaries of the most up-to-date scientific information available, a convenient way to order, and discounted prices for my patients. I have arranged for you to receive a 10% discount when you use my Doctor's discount code: thehypnomom, either via internet or over the phone. You will also receive free shipping if you sign up for optional automatic 30, 60, or 90 day auto-reorders. 

I highly recommend their Hemp Tincture because it is organic, full spectrum, nano enhanced, great value for a two-month supply, and easy to get consistant dosing.  I encourage you to review the supplement profiles and begin a program with Rejuvenation Science® Maximum Vitality®, Biom3ga™ Krill Oil and Probiotics. Combined with a relatively healthy diet, moderate exercise, and regular check-ups, this regimen will put you well on the road to a long and healthy life.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions with me on your next visit. At that time, we can compare Rejuvenation Science Hemp Tincture to CBD you are currently using. Until then, be well!

Lisa Machenberg

P.S. You will receive a 10% discount when you order by using my Doctor's discount code thehypnomom on the internet or by phone. Just enter the code on the check-out page where it asks for Doctor's discount code. You may also receive free shipping if you sign up for optional automatic refills.  Lisa Machenberg

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