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Health Care Practitioners


Thank you for your interest in Rejuvenation Science®. Today, medical professionals are responding to their patients' desire for functional and regenerative medicine. For you, we provide a means to integrate a program of nutritional supplements into your practice and address your patients' needs. Rejuvenation Science® enables you to provide sophisticted supplements that you will be proud to offer as an adjunct to your practice. We offer excellent service to your patients, including research written for you and summaries of the research for your patients.

Our purpose is to help you to help your patients attain the best of health. Most patients are amenable to supplements, 91% of them take a supplement already - they are just seeking guidance from their Doctor.


Top Quality Products

Rejuvenation Science® products are chosen to reflect the best, most up-to-date science. They are chosen to be compatible with one another and offer a cohesive program for your patients. We are very selective in choosing products -- we don't want to give you hundreds of supplements to learn about and select -- rather a few that form a solid core of nutrition for your patients.

Clinical Results

As you receive feedback from your patients, you will be amazed at the benefits they receive - especially with our Joint Health series, Microbiome support, or with Coenzyme Q10 Ubiquinol if the patient is taking a statin drug.

Save your Patients Money

Your patients will receive a 10% discount when they order using your Web-Dispensary. They may also receive free shipping if they sign up for automatic monthly or bi-monthly shipments. Rejuvenation Science supplements may be tax deductible or HSA reimbursable when prescribed by you for a specific medical condition. Suggest that your patients check with their tax advisor regarding their tax situation. Together, your patients may save up to 50% off the regular prices due to your efforts.

Research Available for Your Review

Each supplement is accompanied by research that demonstrates the benefits and dispensing considerations.

You Can Become Knowledgeable in a Few Hours

We present the research and knowledge in a simple format that allows you to gain a working understanding in just a few hours. More in-depth information is available for you to study later, if you wish. 71% of Americans seek guidance on nutritional supplements from their Doctors. Here is your opportunity.

Our recommended initial study for an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of nutritional supplements, is the first half of the book "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" by Lyle MacWilliam (120 pages, 50 pages of which are tables). This will also educate you on the formulation chosen for the Rejuvenation Science® Maximum Vitality® multivitamin.

When a patient asks the frequent question: Is a particular supplement compatible with medications that I am taking? Now you will be able to provide a documented answer. We have arranged for inclusion of Maximum Vitality® (and other Rejuvenation Science® supplements) in the easy-to-use nutritional analysis and reference software developed by Leo Galland, MD. Nutritional and Dietary Analysis Tools for Professionals and Consumers.

No Inventory Investment Required

You may carry the products in your office for convenient dispensing or you may refer your patients to your Doctor's Web Dispensary set up as a customized web page on the Rejuvenation Science® website. If you chose the web dispensary, no inventory investment is required.

Click here to view a sample web page for your practice.


You may supplement your professional income by offering Rejuvenation Science® products to your patients. In this time of ever-tighter management of medical reimbursement and escalating insurance costs, supplementing your income with nutritional supplements may be rewarding. With all the patient benefits, it may not cost your patient any more than they are currently paying for physician quality Rejuvenation Science® supplements.


You may place orders online for your office or send your patients to your web dispensary 24 hours a day. Imagine, being paid for providing services to your patients 24 hours per day, yet you're not on call! Orders may be placed online, by mail, phone or fax. Knowledgeable staff are available to assist you during normal West Coast business hours. We will provide an attractive display for your office.

How to Enroll

To ensure that the program remains exclusive to medical professionals, please FAX a copy of your State license to us at 310-798-2830, then call us toll-free at 888-73-REJUV (888-737-3588) for information on joining the Rejuvenation Science Practitioners Program. You may begin the enrollment process online. You may also email us at roxanne (at) rejuvenation-science.com for more information after faxing a copy of your license. Please include your phone number and address and we call you to complete your enrollment.