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Prenatal Multivitamin

  • For Before, During & After Pregnancy
  • For Baby
    • Enhances cognitive development
    • Improves visual acuity
    • May maximize fetal growth and development
    • Enriches quality of breast milk
    • May contribute to advancement of childhood mental development
  • For Mom
    • Replenishes DHA depleted during pregnancy and lactation
    • Provides critical nutrients essential to pregnancy
    • lmproves cardiovascular profile
    • May decrease risk for postpartum depression.
    • May decrease chances of preterm labor associated with DHA deficiency
    • Support s maintenance of healthy skin, hair and snails.

You’re expecting a baby—and right now nothing could be more important than ensuring the health of your developing child. At this crucial time, what could be more basic than providing the nutrients that are the very substance of the new life you’re carrying? At every critical stage of pregnancy, your baby’s cells and tissues are literally formed from the nutrients you take in. Rejuvenation Science is deeply committed to giving your newborn every chance for optimal health. That’s why we developed the Prenatal Vitality System™. Prenatal Vitality combines a comprehensive vitamin-mineral blend with advanced nutrients that reflect the latest scientific research. And each bottle comes with a separate package of Neptune Pure DHA softgels. DHA is a fatty acid that is crucial for baby’s brain development from the earliest stages of pregnancy through the breastfeeding years.

Prenatal Vitality also supports your health and vitality, with a blend of traditional herbs used for centuries to relieve morning sickness and leg edema. Prenatal Vitality contains ingredients that reflect the latest findings in fetal nutrition.

  • Choline: The National Academy of Sciences recommends that pregnant and nursing women increase choline intake to support fetal brain development (450 mg daily during pregnancy and 550 mg while nursing). Prenatal Vitality is one of the few prenatal multiples to supply 450 mg.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid, along with vitamin B-12, is required for DNA synthesis and helps prevent neural tube defects. The U.S. Public Health Service recommends that women of childbearing age consume 400 mcg of folic acid daily. During pregnancy, the need increases to 800 mcg, the amount in Prenatal Vitality. B-12 is supplied as methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, the active coenzyme forms found in breast milk.
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): Prenatal Vitality is one of the few prenatal formulas to include this omega-3 fatty acid. Rejuvenation Science sells its Prenatal Vitality system with Neptune Pure DHA from premium fish oil concentrate in separately packaged softgels. Patented Neptune Pure DHA has no fishy taste. Pregnant mothers transfer DHA to the fetus to support brain and retinal development, while DHA is supplied to the newborn via breast milk.
  • Iron: Iron is a critical component of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin. During the second and third trimesters, women need increased iron to supply the growing fetus and placenta.

Enjoy Your Special Time! Pregnancy should be one of the high points of your life, but typical discomforts can get in the way. Prenatal Vitality features herbs traditionally used during pregnancy.

  • Morning Sickness: Ginger root and peppermint leaf are traditional remedies for the nausea associated with morning sickness, and chamomile has soothing properties.
  • Leg Comfort: Vitamin E has been shown to relieve nocturnal leg cramps, while bilberry supports healthy capillaries and veins.


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