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Rejuvenation Science Earns Top Multivitamin Honors 2014

Maximum Vitality provides the best value among 1,300 multivitamins in North America

Redondo Beach, CA, May 20, 2014 – Maximum Vitality® multivitamin from Rejuvenation Science® earned a 5-star rating, placing in the top one percent of 1,300 multivitamins in North America based on the new 5th Edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam. This updated review of 1,300 multivitamins was based on the blended standard created from the recommendations of 12 nutrition experts and based on 18 challenging criteria.

Evaluation Criteria: The “blended standard” for rating multivitamins was created from the independent recommendations of Dr. Earl Mindell, Dr. Richard Passwater, Ray Strand MD, Julian Whitaker MD, Robert Atkins MD, Nicholas Perricone MD, and others. Criteria such as completeness, potency, antioxidant and immune support, bone, heart, metabolic, ocular, and liver health (detoxification), methylation support, lipotropic factors (toxin removal), inflammation and glycation control, phenolic compounds (free radical defense), and potential toxicities were used to evaluate the 1,300 formulations.

Maximum Vitality is one of five brands that were rated in the top 1 percent in the 2007 4th edition and continue to be rated in the top 1% in the 2014 5th edition. Most of the top-rated multivitamins require taking 6 to 14 pills per day. Maximum Vitality achieves the 5-Star level of excellence with a recommended dose of only two tablets per day.

Value Index: Maximum Vitality is the least expensive Doctor-recommended multivitamin in the top 5-star category. The next lowest cost multivitamin is priced 50% higher than Maximum Vitality. There are, of course, very inexpensive multivitamin products available in the market. However these cheap products, some of which are the most popular and widely advertised – One-A-Day®, Centrum®, Kirkland® (CostCo® brand), for example – are ranked 0 to 2 on the Comparative Guide scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being highest.

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements is a 120-page softcover book. It discusses global nutrient depletion and pesticide use, why we need to supplement, and new research on vitamin D and iodine. The blended standard is thoroughly discussed and graphical comparisons are presented for the 30 top-selling multivitamins in North America. The guide is available on Amazon.

Triage Theory of Aging: Sponsored by Rejuvenation Science at two American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conferences, Professor Bruce Ames has described the value of a sophisticated multivitamin for long term health in his Triage Theory of Aging. He posits that the body utilizes micronutrients, under conditions of episodic scarcity, by shuttling micronutrients to functions critical for life, at the expense of long-term needs. Critical needs include cardiovascular, pulmonary, GI, muscle, nerve, and brain function, at the expense of long-term needs such as healthy DNA and RNA replication. Thus a deficiency does not produce an immediate physician diagnosable problem, but later presents as diseases of aging, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, or dementia.

“I am proud to consider Professor Ames a friend. His work and other published research show why a sophisticated multivitamin is of great benefit. Maximum Vitality is an outstanding value compared to other products in the top one percent of the Comparative Guide,” commented Howard Simon, President of Rejuvenation Science. “No other multivitamin with a 5-star quality rating achieves the blended standard with such a sophisticated formulation of only two tablets per day and at a reasonable price.”

Maximum Vitality® contains 67 micronutrients, including high doses of standard vitamins in their most bioavailable forms. It contains prophylactic doses of expensive antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10, natural trans-resveratrol, alpha-and r-lipoic acid, all 8 isomers of the vitamin E complex, lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin. Most minerals are chelated in amino acid form for ready absorption, and other phytonutrients include N-acetyl cysteine and tyrosine, green tea and grape seed polyphenols, milk thistle for liver support, choline, inositol, DMAE, quercetin, and more. Maximum Vitality fills the gaps to provide an excellent micronutrient foundation that may be deficient in even the healthiest diet, and is surely missing in the standard American diet.

“Patients and Doctors alike love Maximum Vitality, for a subtle energy lift, and the comfort of knowing they are taking care of themselves and their families,” added Roxanne Fried, VP of Customer Support.

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