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Research / News by Product

News and Research related to supplemental products carried by Rejuvenation Science categorized by product. For a list categorized by health condition, click here.


Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl l-carnitine improves nerve fiber regeneration 

Acetyl l-carnitine treats neuropathy induced by HIV medications


Complete AHCC published research studies

AHCC boosts influenza immune response

Immune system can stop cancer growth

Video presentation: Reversing Immunosenescence by Dr. Dan Kenner

Appetite Control Factors - Pinolenic Acid

Pinolenic acid increases satiety by 36% 

Chromium Polynicotinate

Chromium picolinate and biotin help control blood sugar levels 

Chromium picolinate demonstrates diabetes benefits 

Chromium polynicotinate favorably influences genes that promote muscle development, fat burning 


CLA & R-lipoic acid improve insulin action 

CLA causes abdominal fat loss 

CLA has protective effect against colon cancer 

CLA helps maintain bone mineral density 

CLA reduces body fat up to 9% and helps keep it off 

CLA shrinks body fat from 22% to 17% in health club members 

CLA targets diabetes 

Long-term CLA study shows 9 percent reduction in body fat and 2 percent increase in lean muscle 

Swedish study concludes conjugated linoleic acid reduces body fat 


DHEA supplement helps reduce abdominal fat 

Higher levels of DHEAS associated with better cognitive function

Fibrin Optimizer - Nattokinase

Are dangerous blood clots lurking in your legs? 

Dementia risk attributable to small blood vessel damage 

Fibrinogen and CRP predict cardiovascular events 

Nattokinase for hypertension 

Nattokinase reduces risk of embolism 

Side effects of regular aspirin use outweigh benefits in elderly

Vitamin K from natto reduces bone loss 80% 


Considerations for a homocysteine formula

High homocysteine levels associated with depression

High homocysteine levels associated with Migraine headache

Homocysteine reduction reduces progression of carotid intima media thickness 

Inflammation and homocysteine levels linked

Low HDL cholesterol and high homocysteine make it harder to recover from stroke

Vitamin treatment improves ED in men with elevated homocysteine 

Vitamin treatment reduces homocysteine and migraine headache 



L-arginine reduces fat and waist circumference 

Pine Tree Bark Extract

Pine bark extract shows glucose-lowering effect in diabetics 

Pine tree bark reduces duration and severity of migraines 

Significant increase in men's fertility from 90-day pine tree bark extract treatment 

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Antibiotics destroy diversity of beneficial gut bacteria 

Inulin FOS increases calcium absorption 40% 

Prebiotic increases bone mineral density 15% 

Probiotic reduces IBS symptoms in 88% of patients 

Probiotics as adjunctive therapy for ulcerative colitis 

Probiotics boost immune function 

Probiotic enhances protection from infection 

Probiotics improve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms 

Probiotics improve premature babies' GI health and reduce infant death rate by 53% 

Probiotics plus FOS reduce colon cancer risk 

Probiotics reduce inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 

Probiotics stop antibiotic-caused diarrhea 

Safety and efficacy of probiotics in IBS 

Resveratrol - Lifespan Optimizer

Calorie restriction inhibits, obesity fuels development of 80% of cancers; Resveratrol mimics calorie restriction

Is T3 hormone inhibition the reason calorie restriction results in increased human lifespan?

Resveratrol extends lifespan by 50%

Resveratrol improves health and lifespan 40%

Resveratrol inhibits myeloma cell growth and promotes healthy bone marrow 

Resveratrol may help battle obesity 

Resveratrol may protect against alcoholic fatty liver disease

Resveratrol protects against fungus and yeast 

Resveratrol protects against neuronal damage

Resveratrol reduces fat and boosts endurance 

Resveratrol reduces prostate cancer risk 87% 

Resveratrol reduces risk of colon cancer 68% 

Resveratrol reduces symptoms and mortality in colitis model 

Resveratrol suppresses breast cancer formation 

Resveratrol thwarted aging in 92% of heart genes 


Aspartame causes cancer in rats 

Soft drinks increase risk of pancreatic cancer 91% 


Citrus flavonoids and tocotrienols lower cholesterol 

Citrus peel lowers cholesterol 

USDA Announces: cholesterol-reducing flavonoids found in citrus peels