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Calcium & Magnesium

Calcium & Magnesium

Adequate Vitamin D As Important As Calcium Intake

Calcium and Folic Acid Could Save $15 Billion in Health Care Costs

Calcium and Vitamin D Enhance Weight Loss

Calcium and Vitamin D Increase Bone Density in Crohn's Patients

Calcium and Vitamin D Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Calcium Crisis Affects American Youth

Calcium May Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Calcium Plus Vitamin D Can Reverse Bone Loss Occurring in High Protein/Low Carbohydrate Diets

Calcium Plus Vitamin D-3 Reduces Cancer Risk 60%

Calcium Reduces Long Term Colon Polyp Cancer Risk

Calcium Reduces Risk of Colon Polyps

Calcium Supplementation More Effective Than Sodium Reduction in Lowering Blood Pressure

Calcium Supplements Associated with Decreased Risk of Colon Cancer

Calcium Supplements Reduce Complications During Pregnancy

Chromium Polynicotinate Favorably Influences Genes That Promote Muscle Development, Fat Burning

FDA Proposes New Calcium and Vitamin D Claims for Osteoporosis

Increased Magnesium Linked with Stronger Bones

Insufficient Vitamin D levels present in half the women treated for osteoporosis

Low Magnesium Associated with Loss of Muscle Mass

Magnesium and Fiber Intake Linked to Inflammation

Magnesium and Vitamin B6 for Kidney Stone Prevention

Magnesium Intake Inversely Related to Colon Cancer Risk

Magnesium may provide better benefits than statins

Magnesium Reduces Migraine Headache Severity

Magnesium Supplements Improve Bone Mineral Content

Osteoporosis Drugs Don't Work Without Hi-Dose Calcium and Vitamin D-3

Osteoporosis Prevention with Calcium Supplementation Starts in Childhood

Silica May Prevent Alzheimer's

Soy Isoflavone Intake Increases Women's Bone Mineral Density

Soylife Has Beneficial Effects on Bone Mineral Content

The role of calcium in osteoporosis drug therapy

UK Study Shows Decline in Fruit and Vegetable Mineral Content

Vitamin D Increases Bone Health in People on Seizure Medications

Zinc levels associated with bone mineral density