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Vitamin Treatment Improves ED in Men with Elevated Homocysteine

An article published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine describes research conducted at the University of Rome which found that it may be necessary to reduce homocysteine before pharmaceutical treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) can be effective.

The study included 75 men with erectile dysfunction who were treated with sildenafil citrate (Viagra) for 2 months. Nonresponders to the drug were treated with 600 mg vitamin B6 per week and 15 mg folic acid per day along with sildenafil for 6 weeks.

All of the 18 patients who initially failed to respond to drug treatment had high levels of homocysteine and low folic acid levels. Subsequent to the 6 week course of vitamin therapy, all but two participants experienced improvement in ED.

The association of hyperhomocysteinemia with vascular disease supports the mechanism for homocysteine-reducing agents in improving ED, which is caused primarily by the same factors that affect the coronary arteries.


J Sex Med. 2009 Aug 17.

reprinted with the exclusive permission of LEF Feb 2010.

Key concepts: homocysteine, erectile dysfunction, sildenafil citrate