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Krill Oil Radio Broadcast Monday, July 9, 2007

Redondo Beach, CA, July 5, 2007 --

Howard Simon, President of Rejuvenation Science® will be joined by Donald Allard, VP Neptune Bioressources, in an American Health Radiobroadcast on the research and benefits of Krill Oil. They will be interviewed by American Health Radio host Scott Broder.

They will discuss fish oil versus Neptune Krill Oil, clinical studies on cholesterol management, managing Rheumatoid- and Osteo-Arthritis by reducing inflammation, PMS, non-published studies and clinical reports on adult ADHD, anti-aging and sunburn & skin cancer. Closing comments will cover krill oil interactions and considerations for use.

Theprogram will be broadcastlive in the Chicago area on WRMN 1410 AM radio Monday July 9 from 6 - 7 pm central time.

A live internetsimulcast may be heard at www.WRMN1410.com.

Within a few days, the show will be available in the archives at http://www.podcastingnews.com/details/www.HealthRadioNetwork.com/podcast/american_health_radio.xml/view.htm for those who were not available on such short notice.

There is an expected audience of 3,000,000 listeners. You are invited to listen and share the information with your doctor and ask them to listen to the archived broadcast.

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Rejuvenation Science® develops and markets specialty nutritional supplements exclusively for medical professionals and their patients. Products include Maximum Vitality™ multivitamin, which is rated in the top 1% of multivitamins in the U.S. and Canada in a soon-to-be-published study of 1,700 multivitamins.

About Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. develops high value added nutritional products from underexploited marine biomasses, such as krill, with its patented extraction process (Neptune OceanExtract(TM)). Using an exclusive process, Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. is well positioned in the $182 billion global nutrition market (Nutrition Business Journal, Oct/Nov 2004) of health and wellness concepts.

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